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Highlights at Lake Constance

Events, carnival, Sweden procession, Bregenz festival plays, apple blossom, pear blossom, cherry blossom

Uberlingen is a stronghold of the historical swabian-alemannic carnival.

Historical Sweden procession in Uberlingen in May and in July, which bases on a vow of thanks of the thirty-year war, witnesses of a rich culture history.
During the Sweden procession in July the "Schwerttanz" ("Sword dance") will be performed.

Bregenz festival plays from mid July to mid August in Bregenz at Lake Constance, Austria, about 65 km.
Opera, orchestra concert, Symphoniker, orchestra matinee, symphony ochestra in the festival plays house as well as on the sea.

The apple blossom, pear blossom and cherry blossom at Lake Constance is fascinating every year.

Urban gallery, town library, town guidance, observatory, geological learning path Sipplingen, museum, museum of local history, doll's house, Christmas nativity scene, weapon museum, model helicopter museum, pile work museum Uhldingen

Urban gallery "Fauler Pelz" ("Lazy fur"), Uberlingen, sea promenade, open all-year, changing exhibitions.

Urban library Uberlingen with reading café in the town library "Im alten Torkel", Steinhausgasse (Stone house alley) 3.

Town guidance in Uberlingen from April to October Tuesdays and Fridays as well as group guidances on request.

Observatory Uberlingen, Friedhofstr. (Cemetery street) 34, Friday evenings guidances and lecture (by every weather).

The geological learning path (13 slates with explanations to earth history) guides from the Landgasthof (land guesthouse) Sternen in Sipplingen at Lake Constance (about 7 km west) to the view point Haldendorf.

Urban Museum of Local History, 30 rooms in the house of Reichlin von Meldegg, a patrician house in Uberlingen, Krummebergstrasse (Crooked hill street) 30. You can see among other things the archeological excavation findings of the shore settlement Sipplingen (7 km west ), a collection of 50 old historical doll's houses of the renaissance to the Art Nouveau as well as worth-seeing Christmas nativity scenes from the baroque. Nice view to the Uberlingen sea and over the old town of Uberlingen. Opened all-year, opening hours and guidances on request.

Historical Weapon Museum in the armoury of a gothic half-timbered house, Uberlingen Zeughausgasse (armoury alley) 2, at the sea promenade. Built in the 16th century, the armoury was used as an urban weapon arsenal in the 19th century. Historical armours, uniforms and weapons are shown. Opened from May to September.

ABIG-Helidrome Model Helicopter Museum, Uberlingen, Abigstr. 2, to the history of the helicopters. Several departments present the fascinating, over 500-year-old history of the helicopter. Opening hours on request.

Pile Work Museum Uhldingen at Lake Constance (about 00 km in Unteruhldingen at Lake Constance, Strandpromenade 6 (shore promenade). Open-air museum, research establishment, Museum for Pile Work History (4000 to 850 B.C.) with main focus on research and diving archaeology.
2 villages with altogether 15 original furnished pile work-reconstructions of the Stone Age and Bronze Age at Lake Constance. You can see tools, such as stone axes, stone saws, stone drills, arrows and bows as well as a pottery, a smeltery, household devices, decorated pots and jewelry. Opened all-year, opening hours on request.

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Highlights at Lake Constance, Andelshofen Uberlingen

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Spa, therapeutic abstinence from food, spa chapel, movies, dance in the spa hall, night life, flying, alps round flight trips, round trips, trips with a zeppelin, hot-air balloon trip, hot-air ballooning
Therapeutic abstinence from food and therapeutic abstinence from food spas after the method of Dr. Otto Buchinger: Purge through therapeutic abstinence from food, moving therapy, relaxation exercises, psychic balance – in order to stay fit and healthy on a continuing basis.

Spa medicine, therapy forms, medical baths, massages, packages, physiotherapy, breathing exercises, photo-therapy, electrotherapy, inhalation, lymph drainage, autogenous training, wellness, bath department, Wassertretstellen (water-walking pool), beach with meadow to lie on, sauna, tanning booth, fitness studio, Kneipp spa doctors, spa clinic, rehabilitation clinic, expert clinic

The spa chapel plays during the season from May to October to spa concerts and to a dance in the spa hall at the sea.

Cinema "Cinegreth", 3 halls, Dolby-Digital-Technic, Landungsplatz 14,
Cinemas "Kammerlichtspiele" ("chamber light intimate play") and "Tivoli", Franziskanerstr. 14.

Night life at the Uberlingen promenade.

Alps round flights with the historical Ju 52 starting at the airport Zurich-Kloten

Hot-air balloon trip over Lake Constance, the trip starts approximately 2 km away from Uberlingen in the meadows.
about 1 1/2 hour flight. Total amount of time needed including arrival, helping with the assembly, flight, helping with the disassembly and departure about 5 hours.
5 hot-air balloons according to the balloon size for 3 to 8 people plus pilot. Total amout of people possible including rental balloons = up to 50 people.
April to October:
Monday to Thursday per person 390 DM.
Friday to Sunday per person 425 DM,
Friday to Sunday starting at 8 people per person 390 DM.

Trip with the zeppelin starting in Friedrichshafen (new starting in the summer of 2001).

Water sport, swimming, beach, indoor swimming pool, diving, fishing, sailing school district cruise regatta, rowboat, water pedalo, boat rental leasing, surfing, water ski, wind surfing, surf school, trimm-yourself-course, wellness park, sauna, fitness center, hiking paths
East beach (also for severely handicapped people),
the west beach,
beach in Nussdorf (Nutvillage),
indoor swimming pool Uberlingen-Bambergen. Indoor swimming pool in the park hotel St. Leonhard which is open to the public.

Diving, diving club

Sailing, sailing school at the west train station Uberlingen, oldest sailing school at Lake Constance, sailing charter, yacht charter

Lake Constance is an ideal sailing district, sailboat cruise one of the biggest sailboat "Windjammer" of Lake Constance, sailing regattas

Rowboats, water pedalos, self-driving motor boats, boat rental at the spa garden and boat leasing at the sea promenade.

Surfing, water ski, wind surfing, courses in the surfing school at the west beach.

Fishing cards for Lake Constance and the Andelshof pond (Fishing pond) on request at the tourist information.

Trimm-yourself-course, tennis halls and wellness park (with sauna) Uberlingen-Alt-Birnau, about 2 km east of the town center Uberlingen

Fitness center, fitness club, Obere Bahnhofstr. (Upper train station street) 18

240 kilometers well built and detailed marked hiking trails with lovely view points begin in near surrounding (about 3 km).

Guided hikings.

Tennis court hall, golf, squash, boccia, boule, skittle alley sport center, mini golf, chess, garden chess, table tennis, riding hall club, horse stable, inline skating, skateboard, bicycle rental riding, bicycle trails paths, bike hikings tours
For tennis-playing hotel guests, the hotel Johanniter Kreuz can present you a partner. The 5 tennis courts at the beach path lie directly at Lake Constance with the possibility to use the beach of the tennis club afterwards.
Further tennis courts:
sport area Alt-Birnau (4 courts) with tennis hall and tennis school (3 courts).
Park hotel St. Leonhard (3 open-air courts and 3 indoor courts) with tennis school.

The wonderful 18-hole golf course at the Lugenhof is no further away as a couple of fairways. Reduced green-fee for hotel guests. Five 18-hole courts between 1 and 50 km near!


Boccia alley, boule alley, Am Mantelhafen and "Brauerei Keller", Uberlingen-Lippertsreute

Skittle alley and skittle alleys in the skittle sport center of Alt-Birnau.

Mini golf, Seestrasse (Sea street) at the post office

Chess, garden chess, bath garden, house of the guest, east beach and west beach.

Table tennis, house of the guest, Bahnhofstrasse (Train station street) 19 and beaches.

Riding, riding hall, riding club Uberlingen, Reutehofe, Reutehof, horse stable and riding hall Hofgut "Rengoldshausen"

Inline skating, skateboard, sport area Alt-Birnau. Rental, courses: "Sport-Schmidt", Munsterstrasse 34.

Biking / Cycling / Bicycling
For bikers 270 km well described bike trails. Lake Constance round hiking through Uberlingen, bicycle paths into the scenically very lovely back country. Guided bike hikings and bike tours.

Bicycle rental
Hotel Johanniter Kreuz only for guests. Several bikes are available free of charge.
Der Radladen, Gartenstrasse (Garden street) 17
Lopez, Obere Bahnhofstr. (Upper train station street) 18
Radsportstudio, Hagerstrasse 7
Zweiradhaus Marheinecke, Obertorstrasse ("Upper gate street") 14a
Zweiradhaus Wehrle, Nussdorf (Nut village), Zum Hecht 4

Romantic hotel 886-joha
Uberlingen-Andelshofen at Lake Constance, Bodensee

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